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Australian Furniture Remover Association

Australian Furniture Removers Association is an official body of removals experts that helps regulate the removals industry.

AFRA is consulted by Government departments before they make decisions about the industry.

AFRA accredits only those furniture removalists that have the necessary equipment, vehicles, premises and the staff training needed to complete a professional move.

About Afra


All AFRA members carry Public Liability Insurance and are authorised to provide Transit Insurance for all goods and effects being moved.

At present, there are approximately 350 Furniture Removal and associated companies that are members of AFRA. These range in size from small one truck owner-operated companies to large multi-national companies with many branches both in Australia and overseas. The AFRA membership covers virtually every region of Australia.



For the public, AFRA is the vehicle that offers protection and guidance.

For the members, AFRA offers training, information, guidance and keeps them up to date with the latest legal and industrial changes.

The Consumer If you are planning a move, you can find and acquire quotes from an AFRA removalist by simply using our search feature. You will also access comprehensive information to assist you in your move preparation.

The Removalist If you are a removalist looking to be part of the Australian Furniture Removers Association please visit Join AFRA to understand the benefits of joining and how to join.


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