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Association membership affords members protection in the form of knowledge that is circulated regarding new legislation, training that helps members fulfil the legislation correctly and the upholding of standards because of the AFRA Code of Conduct, so the consumer can confidently use a member knowing their goods are well protected.

Here are some of the benefits of being an AFRA Members Membership of an Association must be beneficial to the member. We are often asked by potential members, and even by existing members why they should join AFRA. Here is a summary of some of the benefits. In some cases, you may not think the benefits affect you, but they affect the industry as a whole and you are part of that industry and for no other reason, supporting your industry should be reason enough.

  • Code of Conduct

  • The safety AFRA membership affords members especially in handling WorkCover issues, Fair Trading prosecutions, media exposes, ASIC/NZCO prosecutions, and ACCC/ACC prosecutions. (You may not be aware but in every instance of the above mentioned government departments, AFRA have successfully assisted companies in disputes simply because they were AFRA members)

  • AFRA is able to work directly with Government departments. This you don’t see but your membership helps in making our representation possible. We are in direct consultation with the Department of Defence, Treasury, and Transport

  • Our strength allowed us to deal directly with ASIC/NZCO in being able to work within the bounds of the laws that would have prevented all removal companies from selling insurance. You can now exclusively sell insurance under the Financial Services Act

  • We work directly with State Governments as well as the Federal Government, in working out fair and workable work methods

  • We are on several Industry Reference groups dealing with transport which allows us first look at new draft legislation that will affect us. Without this window into the legislative procedures, we would be faced with having to work with dreadful rules. For instance, at one point legislation that would make it illegal to lift anything heavier than 32 kilo was about to be introduced

  • Training DVD’s, Manuals and other training material

  • Online training that AFRA has put in place to assist all companies regardless of their geographical situation. The range of programs is added to on a regular basis as are training courses run for members

  • A Workplace Management System that helps you manage OH&S procedures in your workplaces

  • Access to member support that includes discounts on many items. You may think you can negotiate your own deals, but it is the loyalty of AFRA to its Associate Members that ensures the deals worked out for our members are unique

  • Every membership has an automatic registration to the AGM/Conference every year

  • Use of the AFRA logo on all your trucks, advertising and documentation

  • State Meetings held regularly to update members on new issues within the industry

  • Access to Industrial Relations experts with Removal Industry expertise

  • Promotion through the AFRA website that underlines your importance as a professional removalist

  • A website designed to assist clients in understanding the removal process as well as providing information for members

  • Assistance from fellow members to help out in removal emergencies

  • To be a member of the Move Dynamics Panel, you must be an AFRA member

  • Many government departments who need people moved are insisting that AFRA members do this

  • The public are more and more aware of the protection they receive when moving with an AFRA member. Our dispute resolution process is recognized across the country as one of the best. This was evidenced by our winning a very prestigious Award from NSW Fair Trading in 2005

  • We handle consumer complaints about member companies before they become full blown disputes. In many instances the companies don’t even know there has been a complaint. Many of these complaints are frivolous, unsubstantiated or quickly resolved saving companies time and effort in dealing with them

  • AFRA’s Privacy Policy assures all discussion and negotiations are kept confidential at all times

  • A Secretariat with enormous industry knowledge and resources housed in AFRA’s own building

AFRA rigorously screens new applicants, and undertakes regular ongoing audits of members.


To be a successful applicant for AFRA membership, you will need to demonstrate that you, your business and your management team - which may include your board of directors, your GM or any other decision makers in your business - are operating in line with AFRA's views on reputable removals practices. AFRA requires members and their staff to undertake regular training, to work to provide a high standard of service, and avoid operating practices that may attract consumer complaints or negative media interest. 


AFRA is rightly proud of its members, and will continue to carefully evaluate new and existing members to ensure impeccable standards are maintained.


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