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Do’s & Don’ts

Do’s & Don’ts

Do’s and Don’ts

Some helpful tips on what to do and what not to do on a Removal.

  • - Call AFRA for information before your removal
  • - Use an AFRA removalist
  • - Take out insurance
  • Ask questions about items that concern you
  • Pack items you will need upon arrival in a box and place in your car
  • Keep jewellery, passports and other valuable documents separate to be conveyed by you
  • Check the manufacturer’s instructions for moving appliances
  • Empty all petrol-powered items safely. BBQ gas cylinders need to be purged by an authorised dealer
  • Wash all garden tools of soil if travelling interstate and check which plants can be taken
  • Keep cleaning equipment apart so you can clean when the removalist has gone
  • Inspect the house thoroughly before leaving for the last time

  • Don’t leave any articles you don’t want to be packed in the house
  • Don’t hover around the removalist and offer suggestions
  • Don’t leave dirty dishes or dirty clothing unattended
  • Don’t leave food in the fridge
  • Don’t empty the BBQ bottle by simply letting the gas out into the atmosphere or burning it off
  • Don’t pack ammunition, aerosol cans and other explosive items
  • Don’t criticize the workmen in how they do their work
  • Don’t insist on the workmen packing your things the way you want them done
  • Don’t let any of your goods be packed without the correct paperwork being received and signed

Sometimes, because of the stress you may be under, your behaviour can become inappropriate and these simple points may be the difference between an easy or a difficult removal.

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