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Planning your Move

Planning your Move

If doing your own packing, check your insurance cover

  • Combine items that go together, e.g. items from a bedroom, or study, and clearly mark the room destination on top and at least one side of every carton
  • Pack heavy items in smaller, heavy-duty cartons for easier removal
  • Pack to within 5cms of the carton to allow cushioning packing with crushed paper
  • Use butchers paper rather than newspaper
  • Set aside all items that are not being moved and inform the AFRA Removalist upon arrival

The Removalist is able to supply packing materials for you.

Note: Household appliances – washing machines, stereos, fridges, computers – often need specialist attention. It is not the Removalist’s responsibility to prepare these items for removal but feel free to ask for their advice. Always refer to the Manufacturer’s instructions for moving an appliance.


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